We are a diverse group of UK Registered Psychotherapists, Psychologists and Counsellors. 2020 has brought many challenges and we will "meet you where you're at" with empathy and without judgement.

We offer one-off

20 minute emotional support video calls or phone calls including weekends and bank holidays.

COVID and 2020 is a challenging time for us all. Book a call if you could do with free emotional support. It could be anything from a friendly chat to more serious advice.


Free Session

Speaking with an empathetic and supportive mental health professional can help you feel better.

You might find it useful having someone to talk to freely and in confidence, someone who can listen without judgment. Someone removed from your immediate circle of friends and family you can talk some things through with.
It can create head space and breathing space when space is tight. Book your session here.


Ask a Question

If you have any questions or would just like to reach out to us, you can do so here.

Join Our Team

We are currently looking for volunteers to help us with social media and raising awareness about us. Please contact us here if you can help.

We would also love to hear from you if you are a registered psychotherapist, counsellor or clinical / counselling psychologist and would like to join our growing team. Please get in touch here.