Hi All,


I regret it has become necessary to suspend this service for now.


I will keep the overall circumstances under review.


We do hope that you can find help from other available services, including your GP or Samaritans, and outside of the UK your medical practitioner or regional helpline.


If you feel you are in urgent need of help, or at risk, we advise you to go to your local accident and emergency department or call 999 in the UK, or if you are outside of the UK your local emergency phone number.


We wish you all the best for 2021.


Silke and the Therapists For Covid Team


Free Session

Speaking with an empathetic and supportive mental health professional can help you feel better.

You might find it useful having someone to talk to freely and in confidence, someone who can listen without judgment. Someone removed from your immediate circle of friends and family you can talk some things through with.
It can create head space and breathing space when space is tight.


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