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How it works

If you are struggling with the impact of the Covid Crisis or anything else challenging 2020 has brought up for you you can request a session here, or by leaving a post on our Facebook page. One of our UK registered psychotherapists, counsellors or clinical / counselling psychologists will contact you to arrange a time to talk on Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Facetime, phone, whatever works for both parties.

We are a diverse and inclusive team and we are looking forward to hearing from you. We will meet you "where you're at", with empathy and without judgement. We are trying our best to be accessible to as many people as possible, especially those struggling to access services or hesitant to approach conventional mental health services.

No sessions in person are provided, following current government social distancing guidelines.


Calls are free. They are a helpline-style opportunity to talk about what might be affecting you in these challenging times. It is not therapy.


You can return for more calls but this has to be arranged via a new call request, here or a new post on our main page on Facebook, not via the practitioner you had your call with. The availability of a further session also depends on how busy the service is at that time. If you should contact us a further time and wish to speak with the same helpline practitioner again, this may not be possible and cannot be guaranteed.


Please be on time for your call since these times are specifically kept for you. If you are late it will shorten the time of your call. If you realise you cannot make it please let the practitioner know as soon as possible. If they can reschedule they will, but this cannot be guaranteed. You can request another call in the ways described which we may offer at our discretion but do not guarantee.


Please be aware that there might be waiting times but we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible. We take getting back to you quickly very seriously but mistakes can happen, so in case you have not heard from us for a couple of days, feel free to check in with us.


Everything you talk about is confidential. Since we work together as a team we may share information among us practitioners, but it does not get shared beyond the team. If we have risk or safeguarding concerns we may share your contact details, for example by calling an ambulance for you, if necessary.


If you have requested a call via Facebook, we encourage you to ask the therapist to show photo ID at the beginning of the session - check it is them from the photo and name - and ask to see their registration or membership certificate. This should be with a UK based regulating body relevant to psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors and must be current (check date). You can also ask them to send a link to their page on their registration body's website. It is your responsibility to check this.


Our priority is to make emotional help available free and fast at this point in time. We cannot take any clinical or other responsibility for what happens during these support calls.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

What a call with us might look like

Since the calls are limited to 20 minutes and one off, we will focus with you on what is going on for you right now in this immediate crisis rather than going into the past or traumatic events you may have experienced in childhood. We might talk about how you are feeling about uncertainties around work or income, about having to stay at home and its difficulties, about the impact of recent changes to lockdown, about the lack of routine, or about the future. We can talk about techniques that could help you to cope. We can also just be a listening ear, someone non-judgmental outside of your familiar circle who can give some headspace when space might be tight. We can also signpost to further support options.