Further Coping Resources

Here are some links to resources you might find useful after your call, but you can also contact us for another call if you wish.

Doing What Matters In Times of Stress by The World Health Organization.

An illustrated guide that includes coping techniques.


Coping with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak
One page sheet by World Health Organization on coping that could go on a fridge.

To give or read to children: Dave The Dog by Nurse Dotty Books.

A varied list on low-cost therapy options compiled by The Free Psychotherapy Network.

Sometimes it's good to distract yourself and have some fun. Below are some free resources that have nothing to do with coping with the Covid Crisis. And just some random funny things. We don't endorse anything on here or the makers.

Pretty amazing resource for being able to enjoy art / music / performance / workshops and more ONLINE FOR FREE. https://culturefix.digital